MØNARC® nordic Walking Bows® make Nordic walking easier. Less pain and more efficiency.

  • Comfort

    The ergonomics of MØNARC® Walking Bows® offer exceptional comfort and unprecedented shock absorption.

    It allows for more natural movement, reducing joint fatigue.

  • Security

    With MØNARC®, the tungsten tips always plant vertically: the grip is phenomenal and allows high thrust with complete confidence.

  • Efficiency

    Thanks to their full 100% carbon curvature, our Walking Bows® are the only poles that provide a propulsion boost. The majority of your energy is used to move you forward.

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Performance and dynamism

The technology of MØNARC® reverses the ratio of pushes by emphasizing the propulsion force for a more efficient and dynamic walk. The progression is thus smoother, with no dead time between each support, and provides a "booster" effect that propels the user forward, promoting a wider stride and better gestures, characteristic of Nordic walking.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of MØNARC® provides exceptional comfort. The intuitive and natural grip preserves the wrist from fatigue over long distances. The arm swing is closer to natural and relaxed walking, making the gesture more fluid, spontaneous, and efficient. Vibrations are reduced, and the shock absorption provides additional comfort during long outings, thus reducing fatigue and potential trauma.

Ease uf use

The MØNARC® pole revolutionizes the discipline with its innovative concept, which allows for a more natural grip, better support, increased comfort, and improved gesture efficiency. It facilitates learning and provides quick access to good sensations, even for beginners in Nordic walking.


To live happily, you have to live active. MØNARC® promotes outdoor activity with equipment suitable for beginners and champions alike. Through partnerships with sports federations and sponsorship of populations in difficulty, MØNARC® supports sports engagement and inclusion.

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