Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, testeur officiel de MØNARC®

Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, official tester of MØNARC®

Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, Mountain Guide and Nordic Walking Instructor

Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, from the JPG Montagnes agency, praises the MØNARC® walking bows for their comfort, grip, and power, which make Nordic walking more natural and easy. He emphasizes that these innovative equipment are appreciated by a wide range of walkers, from beginners to competitors.

"As an approved tester for Monarc, I have already covered several hundred kilometers with these Nordic walking bows. I was quickly convinced of their interest. For me, they provide a real plus in terms of sensations: comfort, grip, push. They now accompany me on all my outings.

From the first use, you have an impression of ease and naturalness when planting and pushing. It's as if the MØNARC® bows make Nordic walking easier. It's much more immediate.

The handle naturally fits into the hand. The wrist and forearm are in a comfortable position. Holding the pole with a closed hand is natural. This is a notable difference with straight poles. A real plus!

As for the push, you really feel more propelled forward, while still maintaining the lightening and relief of the lower limbs.

During my technical Nordic walking courses, I have the students try them out. Every time, the interest and adhesion are immediate."

"Ergonomics of the handle," "ease of grip," "more natural walking," "very distinct grip," "increased sensation of forward propulsion" are the expressions that come up most often!

It is clear that these Nordic walking bows will suit a wide range of walkers: beginners, competitors, but also all those looking for heightened sensations.

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