How to choose the right size for your nordic walking poles?

Nordic walking is a physical activity beneficial to health, which combines walking with the use of poles specially designed for this discipline. To fully enjoy this activity, it is essential to choose Nordic walking poles adapted to your body shape and your Nordic walking style. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the size of MØNARC® archwires that suits you best.

Theoretical method for determining the ideal length

The first question that arises is: “How to determine the ideal length of these Nordic walking poles?”

A theoretical and commonly accepted rule of thumb is to choose poles with a length equal to approximately 0.7 times your height.

This recommendation provides a good starting point for most Nordic walking enthusiasts and is very applicable to full-curvature poles. However, what really sets MØNARC® arches apart is their tolerance in this matter.

Practical method for choosing the right size poles

The practical method for determining the ideal length is to stand up straight with your forearms raised parallel to the floor and your arm vertical. Plant your current Nordic walking poles, hiking poles or any other straight object vertically in front of you (if you buy your first poles, simply use a sewing meter).

Measure the distance between your hand and the floor. At the level of the hand take the point which touches the stick between the thumb and the index finger, this is where the gauntlet will clip onto the handle of your future walking stick.

Then choose the closest size above or below the measurement obtained. We can therefore opt for lengths varying from 105, 110, 115, 120 to 125 cm.

MØNARC® bows are of course longer than a straight stick due to their curvature. But we express their size by measuring the rope, that is to say the distance between the ground and the hand; in this way if you define a height of 120 centimeters for example by applying one of the methods above, you will only need to choose MØNARC® poles of 120 centimeters.

Also note that the ergonomics of MØNARC® allows more tolerance in the choice of its length than traditional poles. Through the gestures: grip and position of the dive, the user easily adapts to reasonable variations in length. No particular worries, you will be able to use them with ease whatever your size by following our advice.

Trust user reviews or ask our teams

Finally, do not hesitate to seek the opinion of current owners of MØNARC® Nordic walking poles. They can share their experiences and tips to maximize the use of these poles when Nordic walking, which can be of great help to you. Many of them are accessible on social networks and our team is also available to help you make the best choice. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists by clicking here .


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